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Free and Freemium solutions

Free and Freemium Company valuation solutions


creditreports.dk tilbyder et omfattende værktøj til værdiansættelse af virksomheder. Vi leverer en online platform, der er en brugervenlig grænseflade til at se og ændre virksomheders økonomiske data. Det er muligt at ændre disse prognoser manuelt for at se, hvordan forskellige scenarier vil påvirke virksomhedens værdiansættelse.  En anden vigtig brugssag er …

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creditreports.dk offers an extensive tool for company valuation.  Key feature of this product is the ability to use both system-generated estimates and user-edited parameters. Those looking for just a quick overview are well satisfied with the report containing system estimates (see example). Others willing to test their own scenarios are …

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  MassMutual provides a free very simple company valuation calculator. The aim of the calculator is to give only a general idea of the total business value. The calculation is based on net book value (BV) of the company. Reliability — MassMutual will assume no liability for the reliance on …

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Digital Exits

Digital Exits is an M&A consultancy company that valuates firms primarily to be sold. Conveniently for sellers, they provide also a network of potential buyers additionally to the valuation. They offer their valuation services for relatively small companies. You are asked to provide some background information about your company after …

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ValuTrax offers a web-based business valuation tool which can be used to estimate the value of the company based on income statement and balance sheet data. Additionally, market data multipliers are used. The user is asked to input income statement and balance sheet data into the easy-to-use system using the …

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Black Hills Federal Credit Union

A simple calculator consisting of annual EBITDA, excess compensation, annual growth rate, years of earnings, cost of capital and marketability discount. The calculator has also a visualization of the result, projecting annual earnings and their present value – and can be seen in a table format by clicking “Earnings Schedule”. …

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A simple free calculator, that takes financial statement and balance sheet input data as well as has a qualitative questionnaire of three questions. The calculator is easy to use and provides results quickly. After inputting the initial financial figures, you have to answer to questionnaire of three questions. After the …

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Valuatum Estimator

Valuatum Estimator is an extensive tool for company valuation. After the initial data input, an online valuation report is instantly created and future estimates generated by the system. In addition, you then can modify any financial estimates, such as sales, EBIT, and investments to immediately create updated reports. This allows …

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ExitAdviser (Free)

Business Valuation Calculator ExitAdviser Business Valuation Tool

The free option of Exit Adviser would be most useful for those interested in rough estimates on their company’s value. The simple calculation of discounted cash flow is not a very reliable measure to use for company valuation. How to use Exit Adviser? The freely accessible part of the Business …

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ValuSource markets itself as the leader in business valuation data and software services. They offer lots of different types of software, all designed for different types of users. Here the focus is on the three tools created for business valuation: Online Business Valuation, Business Evaluation Systems and their bestselling calculator, …

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