offers an extensive tool for company valuation. 

Key feature of this product is the ability to use both system-generated estimates and user-edited parameters. Those looking for just a quick overview are well satisfied with the report containing system estimates (see example). Others willing to test their own scenarios are free to change multiple parameters and see how it affects company value. 

The system operates with the data provided by the Danish Central Business Register including data of over 300 000 companies. Currently the valuation reports of IFRS-reporting companies are not available, but might be added in the future. The service is most useful for valuating private companies. 

The system can be easily tested with a Demo company by simply clicking ‘Try the system’ button on the Valuation tool page. The three sections are described briefly below. System operates on Valuatum platform (see related article).


Presents selected figures of income statement and balance sheet as well as key ratios, presented both in tables and graphs. 

Financial statements

This page provides full income statement and balance sheet information. Clicking the ‘change estimates’ button allows the user to change both figures and ratios.


This is probably most useful page for valuation as the user can edit either DCF or EVA valuation model. Changes can be made to sales and EBIT as well as WACC parametres. 


  • Automatic future estimates and history data
  • Users can easily modify estimates to evaluate their own scenarios
  • Some of the biggest companies not included
Pricing information
  • Free (at current beta phase)
  • After beta phase offers 3 free reports per month

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