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Company valuation tools

There is a wide variety of tools available for company valuation purposes, so there should be something for everyone. Some tools are better for getting reliable estimations on business value than others, but not all users need an extensive analysis. For some, a rough estimate is enough for reference.

On this page the business valuation calculators have been given points based on certain criteria. The criteria takes into account the comprehensiveness of the analysis and reliability of the methodology, including the ease of trying out different scenarios. Ease of use is also appreciated and credit is given to those calculators that provide informative reports. Naturally, the price is included in the criteria. Your reviews are warmly welcomed in the box on the right!

If you wish to read more on a specific business valuation calculator, you can find summaries and full reviews on the free and freemium solutions -page and paid solutions -page. Consultation services have been excluded from the reviews, as it is difficult to evaluate their quality based on information given online by the respective company.