Digital Exits

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Digital Exits is an M&A consultancy company that valuates firms primarily to be sold. Conveniently for sellers, they provide also a network of potential buyers additionally to the valuation. They offer their valuation services for relatively small companies. You are asked to provide some background information about your company after which they will contact you and request further information if needed. Then they will produce a valuation to your company.


Digital Exits valuation
Initial questions are about firms profitability and sales


First, you have to provide information about your firm’s profits, net sales and the time frame on when you would want to sell your business.


Digital Exits additoinal questions
Additional questions about the company


Next, you will need to provide a bit additional information about your company as well as contact information. Digital Exits will contact you, if further information is needed to conduct the valuation.

As Digital Exits provides valuations for firms from the perspective of selling, the service may not be suitable for other uses.