ExitAdviser is targeted at small business owners who want to execute their business sale process themselves. It offers a step-to-step guide on how the selling process should be executed and takes you through four simple phases to close the deal. The free option of Exit Adviser would be most useful for those interested in rough estimates on their company’s value.

How to use Exit Adviser?

The freely accessible part of the Business Valuation Tool is clear and extremely simple to use. It does not require any registration prior to use. You need to fill in the latest figure for Net Profit and their estimated Growth Rate for a four year period.


Business Valuation Calculator ExitAdviser Business Valuation Tool
The Business Valuation Tool calculates the company value with only two inputs


Additionally, it is possible to fill in the expected average Seller’s Discretionary Expenditure, Current Assets and Current Liabilities to generate more precise results. This may be enough for some users, but for others, this is a way too limited approach.

DCF Inputs Business Valuation Calculator ExitAdviser
Additional inputs can be included


As a result, you are provided with calculations showing the suggested asking price, the result of the DCF calculation, and a table indicating the sequence of calculations. A full report of the valuation is only available for download for those who have purchased a subscription plan.

Business Valuation Graph Cost of Equity ExitAdviser
Business valuation result


After purchasing the Business Valuation Tool subscription, it is possible to complete more advanced company valuation calculations, although the calculations are still limited to DCF related formulas. Most importantly, you gain access to a full valuation report, which specifies in further detail the determinants of the company’s value.

The most important features you get access to in addition to the Business Valuation Tool:

    • A Sales Memorandum Tool, which allows you to create a comprehensive description of the company being sold and a suggestion for price and the terms of sale
    • An unlimited Sellability Adviser™ , which is also available free of charge with limited features. It is used by giving a score from 1-10 to three different factors: Financial Strength, Growth Potential and Customer Portfolio. The tool then calculates a score for indicating sellability and estimates a time frame for finding a potential buyer
Business Valuation Tool Sellability Adviser ExitAdviser
The Sellability Adviser result


  • Templates for legal documents related to the selling process, such as a Purchase Offer
  • 4-track step-by-step process with built-in Task Management framework for executing the selling process
  • Email support

All in all, the ExitAdviser offers comprehensive, easy to use solutions for those with a clear goal of selling their business, but it is not of much use for those interested in in-depth analysis of their company’s value.

  • All-in-one type of solution for owners who are looking to sell their business
  • Valuation is done using only the DCF method
Pricing information
  • Simple free business valuation calculator with limited inputs free of charge
  • $59 for a twelve-month access to full DCF calculator and document templates
  • Full service subscription
    • $49 for 1 month
    • $129 for 6 months
    • $229 for until the business has been sold
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