calcxml business valuation calculator results


CalcXML provides a simple business valuation calculator  on their website in addition to other financial calculators.  It provides a rough estimate of valuation quickly, as it only requires a few inputs. The tool is clear and simple and takes only a little time to use.

How to use?

calcxml business valuation calculator company valuation inputs
Required inputs


You are required to input six figures about the company. The tool will provide a visualization of the valuation by clicking “Calculate”. The results are not very reliable or thorough, as the calculator is really simple. Although it uses discounted cash flows, there are too few inputs to provide an accurate valuation.

calcxml business valuation calculator company valuation results
Valuation results


The results of business valuation are presented in a visually pleasing format and even some adjustments to the estimated value for small businesses are suggested to improve accuracy.

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