Biz|Equity develops a web-based business valuation calculator. They provide a free trial of their system, but require a subscription to receive the valuation. In the free trial, the results are visible for ten seconds. This is a clear drawback of the free valuation tool and the required inputs also do not guarantee accurate results.

How to use?

The first step is to enter the basic information of the company, including address details and company’s industry. The process begins on the Biz|Equity front page.


BizEquity business valuation calculator front page
Front page of Biz|Equity business valuation calculator


After inputting the company name, industry and zip code, you can continue to insert more detailed information about company, i.e. address details etc.


BizEquity business valuation calculator basic information
The business valuation tool requires basic information about the company


After inserting the basic information, income statement data is inputted. You can put data for two previous years and projected figures for next fiscal year. The required figures are revenue and pretax income, but there are optional input fields for five other figures.


bizequity business valuation calculator income statement
BizEquity requires income statement data for a business valuation


The next step after the income statement data is to input first assets and then liabilities. For assets there are six input fields and for liabilities there are five.

bizequity business valuation calculator assets
Business valuation requires information on assets…
bizequity business valuation calculator liabilities
… and liabilities

After filling in the financial numbers, the business valuation calculator requires an estimation about future growth. You must answer to questions about projected revenue growth, long term EBITDA margin, percent of business recurring, and whether the company has intellectual property.


bizequity business valuation calculator growth
Future projections questionnaire.


Then you must answer some questions about details of operations. For example, you are asked whether the premises of the company are rented or owned. Then further questions about the value of the property or the rental payment.


bizequity business valuation calculator questions
Company operations questionnaire.



The result of the valuation is displayed for ten seconds after finishing the valuation process. If you want to download a valuation report or examine the valuation further, subscription is required. There are two options, either personal subscription or sponsored subscription – an option where an advisor will be in contact.


bizequity business valuation calculator business valuation results
Results are shown after completing the business valuation process


  • Easy-to-use
  • Gives three different figures as result
  • The valuation is visible only for a short time in the free trial
Pricing information
  • Simple free business valuation calculator available
  • $499,99/year
  • Sponsored subscription possible
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