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Information on Reviews

The reviews on these pages are done by us at valuation.fi. The business valuation calculators have been reviewed based on five criteria that are reliability of the methodology, comprehensiveness of the analysis, ease of use, the depth of the report and price. The overall review is presented at the turquoise box and the main points of the review are summarized next to it.

On the bottom of the review widget, there is a Your Rating -item. By clicking the stars on the item, you can leave your own overall review of the tool. Note that you can leave your review only once for each company valuation tool.


You can leave your own rating by clicking the stars next to “Your Rating”


How is our review score determined?


  • The score on reliability is based on our subjective opinion on the reliability of the valuation report.


  • The score on comprehensiveness is based on our subjective opinion on the comprehensiveness of the valuation report. The score depends on whether the report has all the necessary information to help in decision making (such as pricing your company when selling).
    • If the report is very comprehensive and has all the relevant information on how the valuation is comprised, the score on comprehensiveness is 5 stars

Ease of use:

  • The score on ease of use is based on our subjective opinion of how easy is it to get the valuation report from the provider (e.g. what are the required inputs and how easy is the system to use).
    • If the user gets the report easily, then the score is 5 stars

Report depth:

  • Over 20 input fields –> 5 stars
    • If the fields are superficial or there are fewer fields, the score will decrease


  • 0 stars: no pricing information
  • 2,5 stars: 390€/year
  • 5 stars: Free


  • 0-3 stars: Fair
  • 4 stars: Good
  • 5 stars: Excellent