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Paid Company valuation solutions


BizPricer is a comprehensive resource center for the purposes of buying, selling and valuing a business. In addition to their valuation tool, they offer a variety of books, reports, reference guides and articles. BizPricer’s valuation is based on Available Cash Flow (ACF) analysis. The valuation process is multi staged, also …

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Faqtum International AB is a Sweden-based financial advisory company that provides company valuation for its clients. They use a team of experts that combine a valuation report using the DCF method based on the financial data provided by the client. It is possible to view a sample valuation report.

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According to the company’s homepage, ValuAdder Business Valuation Software is useful not only for business owners but also for professional advisers, buyers and investors. In this review the focus is, of course, on the business owner’s needs. ValuAdder’s business valuation calculator software is only available for purchase and it needs …

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MoneySoft offers analytical tools for businesses, one of them being the Business Valuation Specialist software. It allows the user to choose the methods and approaches they want to include and choose appropriate weights for each method according to their needs. There are several methods that can be chosen from asset, …

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Smergers is a company that provides investment banking for small and medium sized enterprises. Their website provides a simple business valuation calculator, that requires only a few inputs. The results appear next to the input fields, so the calculator is very quick to use. On the other hand, the calculator …

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